1985 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

Piquet BrabhamThe 1985 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix held at Monaco on May 19, 1985.

The Toleman team return after missing the first 3 races of the season due to a contract problem over tyres! Senna’s on pole with Mansell in 2nd on the grid.

You’ll notice that the chicance after the tunnel is very different to what it is today featuring just a “kink” to slow the cars down, but judging by the speed of them it didn’t have much effect!

Patrese and PiquetSome great racing to look out for; Elio de Angelis overtaking Eddie Cheever’s Alfa Romeo at Virage Antony Noghes (not somewhere you usually get overtaken!), Boutsen, de Cesaris and Warwick battling for position while Lauda catches them, and Piquet coming together with Patrese on the main straight before they both go off at St. Devote.

Senna has a blown turbo while leading and later on Alboreto drives round the outside of Prost going into St. Devote to retake the lead.

Jonathon Palmer ZakspeedAt the end look out for Murray Walker interviewing Johnathon Palmer (Zakspeed) and a fresh faced Martin Brundle (Tyrell).

Full Grand Prix results are available on Wikipedia. Race video is 39 minutes.


1985 Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix

The 1985 Formula One Dutch Grand Prix held at Zaandvort on August 25, 1985.

This was F1’s last visit to Holland and Niki Lauda’s final GP victory. Piquet starts on pole but fails to get away and somehow the rest of the grid manage to avoid him. Lookout for some great out breaking manouvers going down into Tarzan corner. Tambay in the Renault and Alboreto in the Ferrari are particularly amusing.

Fantastic fightback from Prost to catch back up with Lauda his McLaren team mate and the last couple of laps see some frantic action.

For full race results see Wikipedia

Lost but not forgotten

Senna - McLaren Lamborghini 1994 EstorilFound a great article about Grand Prix cars that never raced over at the 8W website.

Particularly interesting is the Minardi/Coloni Subaru, McLaren Lamborghini (Senna and Hakkinen tested it!), and a Williams Renault with CVT.

The McLaren story makes me wonder what would have happened had Ron Dennis continued and actually raced with the Lambo engine. Would Senna have left for Williams…

F1 Photo archive

I’ve now uploaded nearly 200 photographs from most of the GP’s during the 1980’s. So if you want to see the likes of Senna in a Lotus, Martin Brundle in a Zakspeed or Pierre Henri Raphanel in a Larrousse (who?) then why not visit our Flickr gallery.

God’s theme tune

Over at the Radio Times David Whitehouse picks up on the best TV theme tunes. While I agree the Snooker theme tune is well suited I think nothing else evokes the senses and gives you a sense of anticipation like Fleetwood Mac’s – The Chain for the BBC Grand Prix of the 80’s and 90’s.

Not only is the music perfectly matched to the content the title sequence is great as well. Much better than the half-a-dozen or so theme tunes ITV have managed to serve up over the past 10 years.

Have you got a better suggestion for GP theme music? Let us know…

1991 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix – Ayrton Senna Qualifying Lap

Fantastic qualifying lap of Suzuka with Ayrton Senna in the McLaren Honda which put him on pole position for the Grand Prix.

Watch out for the braking over the bumps coming up to the chicane after 130R…superb.

1985 Formula 1 European Grand Prix

1985 European GP - StartThe 1985 Formula One European Grand Prix held at Brands Hatch on October 6, 1985.

Nigel Mansell in the Williams Honda takes his first Grand Prix victory in front of the home crowd with Alain Prost finishing fourth to take the World Championship. John Watson returns for a one-off drive with McLaren after a 2 year absense in what will be his last GP.

1985 European GP - John WatsonHave a look at Keke Rosberg blocking Senna for nearly 2 laps after a coming together then goes on from a lap down to take 3rd place! Alboreto has a great turbo fire (those were the days when you could count on a Ferrari engine blowing up!). Jaques Laffite makes a brief appearance in the top 6 and takes fastest lap before his Ligier expires, and Marc Surer in the BMW Brabham has a spectacular turbo blow up.

The sleek, streamlined Brabham looks amazing compared with other cars and the simple blue/white colour scheme shows it off to best effect. This is in contrast to the McLaren which seems especially “fat”!

For those with a keen eye you should spot Ron Dennis (with some hair) of McLaren right at the end holding up a pit board with “Prost P1”

For full race stats see Wikipedia or Forix.

1985 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix

1985 Italian GPThe 1985 Formula One Italian Grand Prix held at Monza on September 8, 1985.

The previous week had seen the tragic and untimely death of Stefan Bellof at Spa in a 1000km sportscar race and there is a brief tribute at the start from Ken Tyrell who was running Stefan this year.

It’s interesting to see the cars sliding around so much during the first couple of laps, particularly through “curva grande” and the “lesmos” and notice how the circuit has changed during the last 20 years. I’d completely forgotten the first chicane was a left/right and the “lesmos” look great with the turbo cars going through.

Alan Jones - Beatrice HartListen out for Mansell’s very sick Williams Honda early on and notice Stefan Johansson thumbing a lift back to the pits with Elio de Angelis just after the finish. Alan Jones also makes a brief appearance in the Beatrice Lola Hart after been tempted out of retirement.

The full video is 27 minutes with commentary from Murray Walker and James Hunt.

For full race stats visit Wikipedia or Forix.

1986 Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix

Ayrton Senna - Lotus RenaultHave a look at the turbo boost gauge on Christian Danner’s Arrows from the in-car shots, and Ayrton Senna finishing 4th despite running out of fuel!

The full video is 34 minutes long with commentary from Murray Walker and James Hunt.

For full race stats visit Wikipedia or Forix

1986 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Mexico

F1 Grand Prix of MexicoI hope this will be the first of many posts. As I’m converting the videos to DVD then extracting the several races it takes quite a bit of time. I also won’t be posting the races in any particular order, just see what tape comes out of the bag next!

Have a look out for a dreadful start by a certain Nigel Mansell and the infamous Peralta final corner.

The full video is 33 minutes long with commentary from Murray Walker and James Hunt and is available to view full screen at Google video

For full race stats see Wikipedia or Forix