1986 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Mexico

F1 Grand Prix of MexicoI hope this will be the first of many posts. As I’m converting the videos to DVD then extracting the several races it takes quite a bit of time. I also won’t be posting the races in any particular order, just see what tape comes out of the bag next!

Have a look out for a dreadful start by a certain Nigel Mansell and the infamous Peralta final corner.

The full video is 33 minutes long with commentary from Murray Walker and James Hunt and is available to view full screen at Google video

For full race stats see Wikipedia or Forix


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  1. Gaucho on

    Spetacular! Awesome! I have this race recorded on muy old VHS, but it was a looooooooong time that I did not watch it…

    This race was brilliant, first Berger win, Prost in second (the ‘real’ winner) and Piquet battling Mansell (4ht place gave points to Piquet, 5th place did NOT for Mansell because of the rules of that year), etc.

    Piquet’s car had little downforce, more speed on the straight, oppesed to Mansell’s, who was able to catch him in the middle of track.

    That 1986 season was the BEST EVER in my opinion.

  2. Gaucho on

    Oh my, this vide is 33min long and they did NOT show the Piquet x Mansell battle! It was the best part of the race… Piquet almost lost his car in the middle of Peraltada curve, shaking it but holding control and keeping Mansell on his back… both drivers locked tyres, goind side by side, almost touching wheels 2 or 3 times in the end of the long and cool straight… too bad all this is not shown on this video 😦

  3. Veruca432 on

    Alain Prost the “real” winner? What a stupid statement … Berger won this fair and square. He managed his Pirellis beautifully and to lessen his achievement is pretty classless

    • Rui on

      Wow, whatta piece of sheet comment by VERUCA432. Shows you don’t know ANYTHING about F1, specially about 1986 season and specially about this race.

      When I said ‘real winner’ I meant he got the best out of Piquet, Mansell and Senna, the other championship contenders. The race was full of alternatives and the goodyear cars had to pit 2, 3, 4 times to change tyres. Out of this mess, Alain got the best of them.

      Berger was the obviously and well-deserved winner of this race, all kudos to him and Bennetton. But for the championship, it was this race that kept Prst on the title hunt. Had he scored less points, or had Piquet/Mansell finished ahead of him, then it would have been a battle between the Williams drivers ONLY in next (and last) race of that year.

      NOw please do a favor to the society and unplug your network cable from the plug. Shut down and sell your computer, and go mow backyards, you big container of sheet.

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