1991 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix – Ayrton Senna Qualifying Lap

Fantastic qualifying lap of Suzuka with Ayrton Senna in the McLaren Honda which put him on pole position for the Grand Prix.

Watch out for the braking over the bumps coming up to the chicane after 130R…superb.


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  1. Erik Klootwijk on

    Absolutely stunning. Came across your website yesterday evening and have been watching almost continiously…….. It is just beautiful. Although I’m only 25, I just adore the footage……… Hope to see more of it…….

    Thanks a lot for putting in the effort and keeping this F1 era alive

  2. Stuart Whitman on

    Hi Erik,
    Thanks for the encouragement and glad your enjoying it. I’m just working on the 1985 Dutch Grand Prix from Zandvoort which should be ready in a couple of days. Is there anything you’d like to see more of on the site?

  3. Greg Alexander on

    That famous qualifying lap is from 1989. 🙂

  4. Savanah on

    I am so blessed to have witnessed the brilliance of Aryton Senna and the F1 cars of this era. Look! He’s actually shifting gears manually! Remember those days? And the days of the turbo engines? Amazing – F1 has no interest really for me anymore…

  5. mark on

    This is actually Senna driving the McLaren MP4/5 Honda V10 in 1989

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  7. Carl on

    I’m sorry but as a Senna fan, i can tell you it’s from 1989 not 1991!

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