1985 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

Piquet BrabhamThe 1985 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix held at Monaco on May 19, 1985.

The Toleman team return after missing the first 3 races of the season due to a contract problem over tyres! Senna’s on pole with Mansell in 2nd on the grid.

You’ll notice that the chicance after the tunnel is very different to what it is today featuring just a “kink” to slow the cars down, but judging by the speed of them it didn’t have much effect!

Patrese and PiquetSome great racing to look out for; Elio de Angelis overtaking Eddie Cheever’s Alfa Romeo at Virage Antony Noghes (not somewhere you usually get overtaken!), Boutsen, de Cesaris and Warwick battling for position while Lauda catches them, and Piquet coming together with Patrese on the main straight before they both go off at St. Devote.

Senna has a blown turbo while leading and later on Alboreto drives round the outside of Prost going into St. Devote to retake the lead.

Jonathon Palmer ZakspeedAt the end look out for Murray Walker interviewing Johnathon Palmer (Zakspeed) and a fresh faced Martin Brundle (Tyrell).

Full Grand Prix results are available on Wikipedia. Race video is 39 minutes.


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  1. Max Carter on

    Stuart –

    hope all is well – the iste is ace – I work late thursdays and there is little to do – it kills some big time

    hope all is well – will try and call u soon


  2. Paul Walton on


    This site is a total find! Thanks for this brilliant golden age F1 footage.

  3. Gaucho on

    Thanks for posting this videos… they are just GREA, UNBELIEAVEBLE footage. Good old days from F1 80’s
    Thanks a million for posting all this videos.

  4. Ian Carroll on

    thanks for the great site. I’m a “Lap of the Gods” fan with Murray Walker, but had no luck finding dvd’s for sale…I want them all! Any help would be greatly appreciated AND

    is the Senna qualifying lap at Suzuka the lap record? That is an intense lap.

  5. Yaeko Benally on

    A Excellent blog post, I will be sure to save this in my Mixx account. Have a good evening.

  6. Ann Holmes on

    Thank you SO MUCH for this AMAZING footage! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. Those were the days!

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