If you would be interested in buying any of these GP’s on DVD then let me know. As most of the races are from BBC highlight’s I could probably get 2 or 3 GP’s on each DVD. They will be in the same quality as recorded from original VHS tapes.


149 comments so far

  1. Andrzej on

    I am interested in GPs on dvd. I would like to see especially years 70s and 80s. Would you have it to offer?

    Thanks for Your reply,

  2. chris johns on

    I am very interested in getting a whole collection of race videos from the 80’s
    ESPECIALLY that stunner from Spain-1986
    I remember being amazed by how Mansell chased Senna- really an exciting race!
    Is it possible to get full races- not just highlights? The BBC should offer it- make some exra money from archivd tapes, no?

  3. Alexis Knopping on

    My boyfriend loves formula 1. He records every race and burns them onto a dvd but this year he missed some of the last few races. Do you know how I could find the full races anywhere?

  4. Francisco Peraza on

    I’d love to have all the 1988 races… specially Brazil, France, Monaco, Spa, Italy and Japan

  5. alan roadknight on

    helo can u help me i would like a copy of f1 1992 as i cant get it can u help me please thankyou

  6. Mark Johnson on

    Can you send me a list of the videos that you have available to put on DVD. I am interested in the late 70’s and and all of the 80’s and early 90’s.

  7. Fabio Mella on


    I’m very interested in full races of finishing 70’s and begining 80’s.


  8. sparki on

    1990 usa grand prix ondvd please

  9. Erwin on

    Do jou have The Gp Races From Eurosport? 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994? I Have The years 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 on Dvd but im looking for races on Eurosport

  10. Paul on

    Hi. I sent you an email about Monaco 1985 BBC highlights. If you could let me know one way or another that would be great. Thanks again for your time.
    – P

  11. Tim on

    I’d love DVDs of the good races between 85 and 91 – need to figure out which they are though. That 91 Senna qualifying lap is awesome, so any more like that would be great too!
    I see individual races 84-87 are available on video at Duke, but with only 1 race per video it would be pretty expensive…
    Thanks for a great site.
    Best wishes,

  12. Marty Peterson on

    I have 1980 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 And I must say they are great!!



  13. Andy Kearney on

    Hi, could have the 1987,88 and 89 years on dvd they are the year that i have missing from my collection,


  14. Aaron on

    35 year video archive will be avaliable on this new site from January sign up today for chance to have access

  15. Jacek on

    hi, I would be happy to get races from 1994, 1995, 1998 and 2000.



  16. Remy on

    hi, I’m interested in your dvd boxset.How to contact you?What is the details(price,postage,etc.)?Thank you.


  17. Norm Giocas on

    Hi Stuart, I’ve sent you an email but haven’t received a reply, has your email address changed?

  18. John Gambini on


    I have a lot of F1 DVDs as well, many races (not highlights, full races) and qualifyings from the 80s and the 90s.

    If you’re interested contact me – msfdvds@gmail.com

  19. Dan on

    I have all races from 79,80,81,82,83 etc with Murray Walker and James Hunt commentating.If anyone wants them, mail me. Omyconkers@aol.com

  20. parviz on

    i would like to buy copy of the DVD of 1992 monaco formula 1 i was wodering if you can help me Thanks

  21. alan wicker on

    i am trying to find a copy of the 1992 british grand prix on dvd or video as it was the first race i ever attended and am feeling a bit nostalgic.

    Many thanks


  22. Erwin on

    if you can help me i have missing from my collection,Practic seasons from the 90s

  23. Ricardo on

    Hello. I would like to have the complete F1 Race of Monaco 1984.
    Please tell me the price and condtions to ship the DVD to California USA.
    Thanks a lot.

  24. Sam Barwick on

    Can you help. Was supposed to record the Singapore Grand Prix last Sunday for my dad. Am now desparately seeking a DVD/Video copy to give to him when he returns from holiday. Can you help? Thanks

  25. John Breslin on

    I am interested in buying dvds of grand prix all seasons from 1985 – 1993 especially 1989-1993 please send me details and price



  26. Mark Johnson on

    I would love to have the late 70’s all of the 80’s and early 90’s on DVD. Can you help me. Please let me know this is the second time I have left a message and would love to have the videos. I am a big racing fan and race my own Formula Vee.
    Mark Johnson

  27. fouad on

    I’ve got the whole F1 seasons from 1978 to 2008, so if you need anything, email me at:


  28. flukielukas on

    Does anybody have full race recordings with Murray Walker and James Hunt commentary (usually Channel 9 broadcasts as the BBC only covered these with BBC highlights) for any of the following races? Bare in mind these are likely to be rare:

    1984 Brazil, Canada, Detroit, Dallas.
    1985 Detroit, South Africa.
    1986 Brazil, Canada, Detroit, Mexico.
    1987 Brazil.

    If you do, can you please email me at flukielucas@hotmail.com?

  29. fouad on

    I received your email and answered it, but the email adress you gave me is unreachable. So, if you have another email please send it to me.
    Mine is

  30. Lila on

    Hey there

    I’m desperate to purchase specific races on DVD, would that be possible? If so, I will let you know which ones……..

    Many thanks

  31. Tom B on

    im after a copy of the 1992 british GP on dvd, can anyone help?

  32. Anthony on

    I can help with that

  33. Joe Mc on

    I’m am looking for a copy of the Monaco 2009 and Japanese 2009 GPs on DVD

  34. Preg on


    I am looking for GP DVDs from 1980 to 2009.

    Are they available? Cost?

    Thank you.

  35. Anthony on

    You got an email so I can contact you because I’ve got tons of stuff??

  36. JoeMc on


    can you mail me on tomjoe@hotmail.co.uk if you have monaco and japan grand prixs from this year

  37. fouad on

    this is my email adress if you need something


  38. Anthony on


    Do you have anything from the mid to late 1990’s??

    My email is:


  39. Chris on

    I’m looking for full tv coverage of the 1990 Monaco F1- can anyone help?

  40. John Gambini on

    Hi Chris,

    I can help you, as I have the best quality version of the 1990 Monaco GP, it’s 3h02mins long, and it has two audio tracks: -from the BBC in English, and with no commentary, just the glorious engine sounds. It’s splitted on 2 DVDs.

    I also have the qualifying highlights of Friday, and the live coverage of Saturday qualifying of Monaco 1990, all from Eurosport.

    I have many, many qualifying and races on DVD at the best quality possible, so if you want any F1 race on DVD contact me: msfdvds@gmail.com

  41. greg on

    I am a huge f1 fan and wondered if anyone has any qualifying or races on dvd from 1981-1992. Want to start a collection and 80’s has always been my favourite. Thank you

  42. greg on

    my email address is greg_hillson@yahoo.co.uk

  43. Anthony on

    I’m looking for Webber’s first win at the Nurburgring with BBC commentary

  44. F1 Hamilton on

    Hi does anybody have the entire 2008 F1 season on DVD? (Lewis Hamilton Championship) If possible including all practice sessions, full qualifying and full races, If so, I am in Spain and if anyone can help, could you email me at nathancabopino@aol.co.uk


    P.S. No time wasters please, no offence, but I’ve had it before

  45. Anthony on

    Hi does anyone have races from 2009 in high quality, including practice & quali?

  46. Antonio on

    I’d love to have F1 DVDs 1996-2000. Thanx

  47. Anthony on

    Hi there I’ve got a few of them but could you give me an email at



  48. Antonio on

    Hi Antony,
    Many thanks

  49. Nathan Turner on

    Hi people , anybody still got some full races on offer?

    Lemme know,


    ps email: nathanturner2008@yahoo.co.uk

  50. Ben on

    Hi I would be really interested in anything from the 70’s and 80’s.

    James Hunt, Nikki Lauda to Mansell, Senna etc



  51. Mr Robin Bulpitt on

    Hi Like most i am interested in any DVD of the 70s 80s 90s.
    How much and were can i get them?

  52. Anthony on

    Hi if you’re intrested in a few discs then email me at hi__dudes@hotmail.com and attach a list if you’ve got one or I can offer you some at a price.

  53. rgfvsvv on

    races for download may be found here http://www.f1-archive.narod.ru/

  54. karl barabich on


    im trying to get a dvds of the formula one seasons from 1984 to 1994

  55. John Gambini on

    Hi Karl,

    Contact me at this email address, and I’ll give you a list of what I have.


    I got plenty of excellent DVDs from 1984 to 1994, with full races in great quality, and also some qualifying sessions.

  56. Anthony on

    Odd request but if anyone’s got V8 Supercar races from Canberra run between 2000 and 2002 please email hi__dudes@hotmail.com

  57. Gary on

    I have available races between 1978 and this year on DVD. If anyone is looking for anything specific, please e-mail and I will do what I can to assist.


  58. Paul on

    Hello All,
    I’m looking for BBC 2010 F1 full races and full qualifying sessions on DVD. Please email me at smokinashpw@yahoo.com

    Thank you for your time.

  59. Paul on

    Hi Gary,
    I’m interested in the races you have from this year on DVD. Can you send me your list, please? smokinashpw@yahoo.com

    Thank you,

  60. some1ok on

    Hello all, I’m a great F1 fan and my list of full F1 races is indeed quite big (from as early as late 70s to this date). Furthermore I also collect a bit Rally, Le Mans, Dakar and MotoGP. If you want to see my list of races then drop me an e-mail at some1ok@hotmail.com.

  61. thedoctor46 on

    Hi all,
    I have a very extensive archive of F1 footage if anyone would like to drop me a mail I can send my lists to them 🙂
    Nice to see MSF here too, someone I have worked with before and a great guy to deal with 🙂


    Cheers Jay

  62. Anthony on

    I am looking for anything and everything from the last 30 years. Please email me at


  63. sinan on

    ı need a 1985-2007 f1 season high quality.please add me.

  64. thedoctor46 on

    Hi Sinan,
    Would be happy to help you out with anything you need, I always look for the best quality versions of each race available so you can expect the best that’s arround.
    If you want to drop me a mail, we can talk more via MSN (or other)


    Cheers Jay

  65. james sharpe on

    hi, after bbc races with murray walker highlights from pre 1979, plz advise if you have or know if someone has these races from tape to dvd,
    many thanks
    james sharpe

    • Chris Davies on

      BBC only started full F1 coverage in 1979 (well end of 1978) so the only Murray Walker commentaries you will get of races before that will be British GP and sometimes actually dubbed afterwards by Murray. email me if you need anything, I have every one from 1970’s to 2011 on DVD. mrchrisdavies@hotmail.com

  66. Michelle on

    Do you have the following Formula 1 racing dvd’s (80’s 90’s 20th) in stock and how can we correspond?

  67. Tom B on

    I’m back! British GP 1992 on DVD or VHS, the full race, anyone want to sell it to me ?

    • AlanMcB on

      Hi, I have that full race on dvd myself if you’re interested.

  68. Remon on

    Hello there,

    See this is quite an old topic, but nevertheless:

    I have got season 1978 to 1998 complete. Every race, almost every one of them with commentary from Murray Walker. If anyone is interested just email me:

    Greetings from Holland.

    • Stu on

      hi i would be interested in 95-98. can u help

  69. Remon on

    Everything from 1986 is in English, before 1986 sometimes english, sometimes german sometimes something else 🙂

  70. Bernt on


    I am looking for F1 DVDs from 1980 to 2009.

    Are they available? Cost?

    Thank you.

    • Greg on

      Yes I have highlights and full seasons and some single dvd’s ranging from 76 to 2011. Single £5 seasons £20. Alot of which are excellent quality. Let me no if u r interested

      • Paul W Ash on

        Greg, Do you have BBC highlights from 1979,80 & 81?

    • some1ok on

      Mail me if you are still interested: some1ok@hotmail.com

  71. Paddy on

    Hi, I’m new here and was wondering what the pricing would be for an F-1 race on DVD?…..disc price, shipping to Canada, etc…..
    I am currently looking at my collection and seeing what races I missed over the years.

  72. Chris Davies on

    Hi I have lots of F1 and other motorsport on DVD (Nascar, Indy, Touring etc) (F1 sets in smart cases) – email me for a full list, mrchrisdavies@hotmail.com – simple payment via paypal

  73. Old F1 DVDs on

    Every Grand Prix from 1976 until 2011. You can buy Boxsets or just individual races. http://oldf1dvds.com

  74. andy on

    looking for all 41 of senna wins on dvd , can anyone help

  75. andy on

    my email is a.mcdonald657@btinternet.com , if anyone has the senna collection 41 wins

  76. darren on

    hi, im after this years british grand prix weeknd (all 3 practices, qualifying and race) on dvd can anybody help as my son wants to relive the weekend we had there, he is austistic so needs visual reminders. if anybody can help please contact me at bigvinnie06@yahoo.co.uk

  77. Mark Paquetsky on


    Mark Here … I was a big F1 Fan in the mid 70’s and 80 ‘s
    Got back into it in the mid 90’s

    I am looking to start my personal DVD F1 Race Collection ..

    I would like for anyone interested in helping me , to drop me a line at paquetsky@hotmail.com

    Cheers eh !

  78. Mansell on

    Hi guys,

    I run a small forum called F1 Nostalgia and was wondering if you’d like to join us there.

    Were a bunch of traders that collect , trade and exchange Formula 1 footage from 1950 onwards.

    If anyone’s interested in joining us , please email me @ f1nostalgia@gmail.com

    All the best.

    Mansell – Admin @ F1Nostalgia.com

  79. Lukas on


    I’m looking for 91 – 2008 f1 grand prix. If someone has it, please contact with me

    best regards

    • Greg on

      I have some from that period. Where u lookin for single races or seasons?

      • Lukas on

        I’m looking for everything, single and seasons. I would be glad if I get some videos

      • Greg on

        If you have a preference as to what ones you want then ill copy them for you. I sell not trade and I sell singles for £5 or seasons for £20 including p&p. I have mostly 90’s and some 0’s but will be getting more. All come on DVD in decent DVD cases.

      • Stu on

        hi greg
        would be interested in 1995-2000 do u have those seasons? and what commentary?

  80. some1ok on

    Anyone interested in buying DVDs, mail me: some1ok@hotmail.com

    • jeff on

      or email me

      • vishal on

        would be nice to have them mail me

    • Mark ironman on

      Hi I’m interested in buying f1 DVDs,please could you email me a a list of what you have & with prices

  81. Stu on

    interested in mid-late 90s and 2000-2003 can any1 help

    • vishal on

      i am intrested

  82. vishal on

    hi my name is vishal i am intrested in buying all f1 dvd with all races commencing from 1993 to 2011 if you do have an can let me know would be great ful mail me on vishal.bhagchandani@gmail.com

  83. Stu on

    am interested in the years 1995-2000. can anyone help if so email me stujaywill89@hotmail.co.uk

  84. jeff on

    go here for full races on dvd

  85. Roderick on

    I would like to get 2011 f1 Italian gp full race

  86. Mark ironman on

    I’m interested in buying f1 races on DVDs. Must be good quality. To all who do them please email me a list of what you have plus prices. My email address is mark.ironman@ntlworld.com. Many thanks

  87. Stephen on

    Hello, I’m also interested in buying full F1 races on DVD. I’m looking for every race from 1998 to 2012. If anybody can help with any of these seasons please contact me at not-a-yeti@hotmail.co.uk with your asking price. Many thanks!

    • Mark ironman on

      Hi Stephen,I can you races from 1998-2012.each season comes in 2 large DVD cases with covers,full races n all on printed discs.i will email you first thing in the morning with price list n pictures..

      • bigvinnie06@yahoo.co.uk on

        Hi, do you do just single races’ I.e. All 3 Practice sessions and qualifying and race? As I’m after 2011 british grand prix.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  88. Mark ironman on

    Hi bigvinnie,yes I also do Grand Prix weekends(fp1,fp2,qualifying,race) all on printed discs &in DVD case with cover. I will send you an email first thing in the morning.

  89. mark ironman on

    If anyone is interested in buying f1 races on dvd,please send me an email & i will send you a price list! my email address: mark.ironman@ntlworld.com
    All races come on printed discs – complete seasons – season reviews season highlights – driver wins spacials etc.
    all presented in large dvd cases with specially designed covers.
    many thanks.

  90. mik_efren on

    I’m trying to find a copy of the 1989 and1990 Season on DVD

    • mark on

      Hi i can do those season for you.
      please send me your email address to mark.ironman@ntlworld.com
      & i will send you a price list.
      Each race is on a printed dvd & are presented in large dvd cases & with case covers.
      I look forward to hearing from you,
      many thanks – mark

  91. Mark on

    If anyone is interested in buying f1 races on dvd,please send me an email & i will send you a price list! my email address: mark.ironman@ntlworld.com
    I do complete seasons – season reviews – season highlights – driver wins spacials with photos – full grand prix weekends etc.
    ALL my f1 is on printed dvds & presented in large dvd cases with specially designed covers.
    With all 1st orders you will recieve a free copy of mclarens TOONED!
    # please check out my Facebook page – MARKSF1DVDS
    many thanks – mark

  92. peter g on

    They have a great range of full race dvds and all other f1 memorabilia

  93. John Gambini on

    A little update from me… I have a whole lot of spare discs, my whole collection basically, which need to find a new home! They take a lot of place so should anyone be interested in getting some of these DVDs, drop me an email at: msfdvds@gmail.com, and I will send you a full list of my collection.

    All these DVD’s are in good to excellent condition (Verbatim, Philips or TDK discs, mainly), and the quality and content of the discs are truly excellent. Might be a good opportunity to start your F1 DVD collection, filling some gaps in your collection…

  94. Erwin on

    who has F1 races of 1993 Eurosport / BRT in good quality
    Dutch language?
    I have South Afrika ,Brazil.Europe. in great quality.

    Cheers Erwin

  95. John Laverty on

    Looking for a DVD of David Coulthards 2 British GP wins !

  96. Mark ironman on

    Hi John I can do you David coulthards 2 British gp wins. Each race will be on a printed DVD & presented in cases. Email me if your interested: mark.ironman@ntlworld.com

  97. Anthony on

    I am looking to buy formula 1 races in full, season by season. I would like to start off by purchasing all of the races in full from the 1983 season. Does anybody have this to sell, and how much would this cost.

    • some1ok on

      Hello Anthony, I can sell you the 1993 season in full if you want. Mail me to know more details!

    • some1ok on

      this is my email: some1ok@hotmail.com

  98. RAB on

    I am looking to buy copies of the Grand Prix when it was in Adelaide from 85-95. Thanks

  99. anthony edwards on

    They have a great range of full race dvds and all other f1 memorabilia
    Ive used them many times ,good quality and no dramas
    I bought the full 2012 ,2013 and 1994 season

  100. anthony edwards on

    woops,i posted the wrong website address,here it is below

    They have a great range of full race dvds and all other f1 memorabilia
    Ive used them many times ,good quality and no dramas
    I bought the full 2012 ,2013 and 1994 season

  101. jaime santos on

    Hi Anthony do you know another website this is extremly expensive

  102. markironman on

    Hi jaime,
    Please check out marksf1dvds on Facebook & twitter.
    All good quality & on printed DVDs & presented in large DVD cases.
    You will also receive a free gift with ALL 1st orders.
    Many thanks.

  103. Manuel on

    Hey there, I’m interested in getting full races from 2002-2013 on DVD. Can you please email me back and let me know if you have them and how much it would cost?



    • mark ironman on

      Hi Manuel,
      Yes I can do all those races onto DVD for you.
      Can you please inbox me on my new Facebook page: myf1collection or inbox me on my twitter page: @myf1collection .
      With you wanting that many I will do you a special deal.
      Many thanks mark

      • Anthony on

        Dear Mark,

        I would be interested in buying full formula 1 seasons from you. I would like to buy the 1980 season, with BBC commentary with Murray Walker and James Hunt. I cannot contact you on facebook or twitter because I am not signed up to any of these. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on?


  104. mark ironman on

    Hi Anthony,
    My email address is : mark.ironman@ntlworld.com

    • Anthony on

      Dear Mark,

      I have emailed you through outlook, but you have not replied. I assume that you did not receive it. I will thus email you through my own email, and hope to receive a reply soon.


      Anthony Payne.

  105. George Nelson on

    Hi I’d be interested in buying the anything between 1984 & 1995 could you send me a price list thanks

  106. Richard Hutchinson on

    Does anyone have a DVD of the British grand prix 1992 at silverstone? if not a VHS. I’ve just been watching my video of it and would like a better copy if there’s one out there. Me and our kid were there at club corner when Nigel pulled off the track and we touched the car after Nigel had been taken off to the podium. 300,000 crowd and the air was electric with anticipation and willing Nigel on to win.

  107. markironman on

    Hi Richard,
    I can do the British Grand Prix 1992 for you on DVD.
    It will come on a printed DVD & presented in a DVD case & with a cover.
    £5.00 + p&p.
    I have races dating from 1980 – present & I do alsorts of f1 DVD sets.
    Please check out my Facebook page: myf1collection or follow me on twitter:@myf1collection.
    With all 1st orders you will receive a free gift ie: race,season,review,TOONED,rush film,f1 documentary.
    Many thanks mark

  108. brigantes5 on

    Fantastic i did copy my old video onto DVD ages ago but lost it somewhere. has it got the pre race bits on and the after race bits where Nigel is taken away in a white van?

  109. brigantes5 on

    how do I send the money?

  110. Anthony Kernich on

    Hello All!

    I am looking for the following races from Channel 9 Australia coverage. These are ultra hard to find, I have had no luck up to this point. These are the only way to get BBC commentary of these races, in full.

    1985 Brazil
    1985 Canada
    1985 South Africa
    1986 Brazil
    1986 Mexico

    email me @ hi__dudes@hotmail.com


  111. Bob on

    Im looking for English commentary DVDs for full.seasons from late 70’s and early 80’s. Can anyone help?

  112. Miles Graham on


    Would you have all of the season races either from 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008? I’m desperate to watch those days again, but I’m worried about the cost! How much would you charge?


    • markironman on

      Hi miles, I can do these seasons for you. All on printed DVDS & presented in large dvd cases. Inbox me on my Facebook page – myf1collection or on Twitter @myf1collection. Great quality & prices.

      • Richard z on

        I recorded the 1992 Silverstone GP on video, picture quality, not brilliant but I copied it to my HDD drive and can copy it to 2 DVD’s if anyone is interested. Part 1 is the interviews only with Nigel and others before the race, Part 2 is the race then the track invasion by people including me and my brother. If anyone wants a copy it’s £10 for part 2 and £2 for Part 1

        Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 12:25:25 +0000 To: richatchameleon@msn.com

  113. Tim stanton on

    Hi I’m after official f1 season reviews from 1988 onwards,
    Can u help??

  114. markironman on

    Hi Tim,I can do you season reviews from 1988 onwards. I’ve got all season review from 1970 – present. Can do you a good price too. Inbox me on my Facebook page: myf1collection or on my Twitter page @myf1collection if your interested. Many thanks.

  115. markironman on

    For FORMULA 1 DVDS Please checkout my new website: onpoledvds.com
    Make the most of our LAUNCH OFFER to receive a 10% discount by entering the LAUNCH CODE: ‘LAUNCH10’ at the checkout page!!
    (I do full races,race weekends,driver wins & specials sets,complete seasons,season reviews etc)
    All my F1 come on printed dvds & presented in large dvd cases.
    Follow me on Twitter @onpoledvds & on facebook.com/onpoledvds

  116. Paul W Ash on

    Hi all F1 Fans,
    Does anyone have full races from seasons 1978-81 with English commentary?

    Thank you for you time.

  117. sarah on

    Hi I’m looking for the f1 all of season 1992 do you have these on dvd and how much with postage please ?

  118. Marcus on

    Hello, I’m am also looking for F1 seasons since 1980, do you have it?

    Thank you.

    • sarah yard on

      Hi can you copy the whole of season 1992 ? If so how much would it be please as hubby really wants it for Christmas and would be so suprised as he can’t find it being a huge f1 fan himself and would be very impressed that I got it me being clueless to f1 lol thank you

      Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2015 13:52:22 +0000 To: sjyard@hotmail.com

  119. Sarah weedon on

    Hi can you do the whole season 1992 ? As my husband really wants the whole of this season on dvd and if so how much would it be please ? Thank you

    • mark ironman on

      Hi Sarah, I can do you the 1992 f1 season,all races in full & all on printed dvds. In box me on my Facebook page is startingonpole or on Twitter @startingonpole. #topqualityf1dvds

      • Paul W Ash on

        Hi Mark, I’m looking for 1979 & 1980 seasons on DVD. Can you help? Thank you.

  120. Gary Vint on


    Am very keen to get hold of Formula 1 dvd
    1992 season but am looking for getting others
    later as I love listening to James and Murray
    commentary, so very honest and open. Look forward to hearing from you and what you can help with. Many thanks.


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